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Can you believe it’s December already?! We’re all busy putting up our decorations and finishing our Christmas shopping. But, amongst all the Christmas madness, we need to make sure that everyone feels included. After all, Christmas is a time for togetherness and celebration!


News outlets are predicting major Australian cities could experience up to 50 degree heat this summer! We’ve created a cool guide to help you keep your temperature down during the hotter months of the year, with a specific focus on accessability


2.2 million Australians of working age are living with a disability. Their varied experiences, challenges and skills, can contribute additional value to any workplace, making it important to consider accessibility and the ability to accommodate employees with different mobility needs in the workplace. Employees with a disability represent a substantial opportunity for businesses.


Having access to transport, or being able to transport yourself is a key part of independence for most people. As our lifestyles and mobility change, getting in and out of the car can become more of a challenge. In order to keep you (or your loved ones) enjoying the life you want, we have covered some of the best ways to help you stay mobile.


Parents and grandparents are increasingly moving in with children and grandchildren to stay in the midst of family life, and receive care and assistance while remaining independent. Some seniors will have high care needs, while others will only need a few adjustments to make the home comfortable.


If you are spending this winter on wheels, it can sometimes be difficult to regulate your temperature and stay warm. Winter weather can be challenging for those who struggle to regulate their body temperature, have issues with circulation or whose muscle use and flexibility is impacted by the cold. Staying independent and active during winter is important for everyone who uses a wheelchair, so here we catalogue all the best ways to keep yourself warm in your chair this winter.


Night-time in the bedroom is a common time for falls, with mobility aid users tripping over items in the dark. Here we catalogue our solutions to bedroom falls.

The most common reason for seniors falling is objects and tripping hazards on the floor. Try to keep the bedroom clean and free of tripping hazards like slippers, clothes and magazines. Put a table close to the bed where objects can put, so that there are no items on the floor to fall over. 


It’s the end of summer, but judging by the last few weeks, it seems like we might still have a few more weeks of beautiful weather to go before we’re all bundling up and staying indoors. Melbourne and rural Victoria are also known for their beautiful autumn scenery and colours as the leaves change colours and fall for their winter season, so now is a prime time to see our beautiful home state. Here we catalogue some of our favourite travel locations for families with special needs.

Please note the 2 Life Mobility stores will be closed for the following hours over the 2017 Easter period:

Good Friday (14th April) - CLOSED

Easter Saturday (15th April) - CLOSED   

Easter Sunday (16th April) - CLOSED  

Easter Monday (17th April) - CLOSED




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